websync is intended to be an rsync task manager, where tasks can be added, scheduled and maintained in a sane manner

Finally an easy way to manage rsync jobs

With websync's great and intuitive user interface you can now easily set up and schedule backup tasks.


Setting up and managing backup tasks with websync is a breeze.

Web Based

Easy and intuitive web interface with node.js at the backend.


Output from the rsync tasks are shown real-time as logs in the web interface.


Runs on any Unix-like operating system.

Manage hosts

The hosts tab lets you add, remove and edit hosts connection information.

Clicking the SSH button prompts you for the password to log on to the target host, and then copies websync's SSH ID over, never to be prompted for the password again.

Manage tasks

The tasks tab lets you view, add, remove, edit and schedule rsync jobs.

Either source or destination can be a remote host defined on the host tab. Easily add and remove rsync flags. Define multiple paths per task. etc.